09/05Wofford49-10 W
09/12Appalachian State$41-10 W
09/17@Louisville20-17 W
10/03Notre Dame+24-22 WABC
10/10Georgia Tech%43-24 WABC
10/17Boston College~34-17 WESPNU
10/24@Miami58-0 WABC
10/31@NC State56-41 WABC / ESPN / ESPN2
11/07Florida State^23-13 WABC / ESPN / ESPN2
11/14@Syracuse37-27 WABC / ESPN2
11/21Wake Forest33-13 WESPN2
11/28@South Carolina37-32 WESPN
12/05North Carolina*45-37 WABC
12/31Oklahoma#37-17 WESPN
01/11Alabama&45-40 LESPN
$Family Weekend; +IPTAY Day; %Hall of Fame Day; ~Homecoming; ^Solid Orange Day; *ACC Championship; #Orange Bowl; &National Championship; all times ET

2015 Clemson football Roster

#NamePos. Ht./Wt.ClassExpHometown
Martin Aiken Photo 53 Martin Aiken DE 6-2/255 Junior (RS) 2VL Smoaks, SC
Mackensie Alexander Photo 2 Mackensie Alexander CB 5-10/189 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Immokalee, FL
Adrian Baker Photo 21 Adrian Baker CB 6-0/180 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Hallandale, FL
James Barnes Photo 18 James Barnes QB 6-1/175 Freshman HS Sumter, SC
Michael Batson Photo 96 Michael Batson P/PK 5-9/205 Freshman HS Central, SC
Shadell Bell Photo 11 Shadell Bell TE 6-1/225 Freshman HS Decatur, GA
Kelby Bevelle Photo 60 Kelby Bevelle DE 6-2/270 Sophomore (RS) TR Apopka, FL
Kaleb Bevelle Photo 61 Kaleb Bevelle DE 6-4/265 Sophomore (RS) TR Apopka, FL
Jordan Bianchi Photo 39 Jordan Bianchi WR 6-6/215 Senior (RS) SQ,SQ Greer, SC
Travis Blanks Photo 11 Travis Blanks S 6-0/211 Junior (RS) 2VL Tallahassee, FL
Ben Boulware Photo 10 Ben Boulware OLB 6-0/235 Junior 2VL Anderson, SC
Jaquarius Brice Photo 40 Jaquarius Brice 6-2/215 Freshman (RS) RS Lancaster, SC
Zac Brooks Photo 24 Zac Brooks RB 6-1/200 Senior 2VL Jonesboro, AR
Beau Brown Photo 49 Beau Brown S 6-0/195 Senior (RS) SQ Beaufort, SC
Jim Brown Photo 76 Jim Brown LS 6-4/242 Senior (RS) SQ Walterboro, SC
Kelly Bryant Photo 2 Kelly Bryant QB 6-4/220 Freshman HS Calhoun Falls, SC
Austin Bryant Photo 7 Austin Bryant DE 6-5/265 Freshman HS Pavo, GA
T.J. Burrell Photo 41 T.J. Burrell LB 5-11/216 Junior (RS) 2VL Goose Creek, SC
Roderick Byers Photo 40 Roderick Byers TE 6-4/295 Senior (RS) 3VL Rock Hill, SC
Deon Cain Photo 8 Deon Cain WR 6-1/190 Freshman HS Tampa, FL
Ryan Carter Photo 31 Ryan Carter CB 5-9/180 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Grayson, GA
Gage Cervenka Photo 59 Gage Cervenka OL 6-3/320 Freshman HS Greenwood, SC
Kaleb Chalmers Photo 20 Kaleb Chalmers CB 6-0/180 Freshman HS Greenwood, SC
Adam Choice Photo 26 Adam Choice RB 5-9/210 Sophomore 1VL Thomasville, GA
William Cockerill Photo 61 William Cockerill OT 6-6/250 Junior (RS) SQ Sumter, SC
Kyle Cote Photo 32 Kyle Cote S 5-10/180 Freshman HS Six Mile, SC
Tyrone Crowder Photo 55 Tyrone Crowder OG 6-2/340 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Marston, NC
C.J. Davidson Photo 21 C.J. Davidson RB 5-10/202 Grad Student 2VL Clemson, SC
Judah Davis Photo 36 Judah Davis LB 6-1/235 Freshman HS Clemson, SC
J.D. Davis Photo 33 J.D. Davis LB 6-2/225 Freshman HS Clemson, SC
Kevin Dodd Photo 98 Kevin Dodd DE 6-5/268 Junior (RS) 3VL Taylors, SC
Adrien Dunn Photo 82 Adrien Dunn WR 5-7/180 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Clemson, SC
Tyshon Dye Photo 22 Tyshon Dye RB 6-0/215 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Elberton, GA
Marcus Edmond Photo 29 Marcus Edmond CB 6-0/170 Sophomore (RS) SQ Hopkins, SC
David Estes Photo 61 David Estes LS 6-0/200 Junior (RS) SQ Mauldin, SC
David Estes Photo 62 David Estes LS 6-1/200 Sophomore SQ Mauldin, SC
Justin Falcinelli Photo 50 Justin Falcinelli OL 6-4/315 Freshman (RS) RS Middleton, MD
Clelin Ferrell Photo 99 Clelin Ferrell DE 6-5/265 Freshman HS Richmond, VA
Mark Fields Photo 2 Mark Fields CB 5-10/180 Freshman HS Charlotte, NC
Jesse Fisher Photo 83 Jesse Fisher TE 6-4/215 Freshman HS Travelers Rest, SC
Jake Fruhmorgen Photo 63 Jake Fruhmorgen OT 6-6/280 Freshman HS Tampa, FL
C.J. Fuller Photo 27 C.J. Fuller RB 5-10/215 Freshman (RS) RS Easley, SC
Wayne Gallman Photo 9 Wayne Gallman RB 6-1/215 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Loganville, GA
Jefferie Gibson Photo 17 Jefferie Gibson S 6-4/200 Freshman (RS) RS Hope Mills, NC
Zach Giella Photo 77 Zach Giella OL 6-5/300 Freshman HS Lincolnton, GA
B.J. Goodson Photo 44 B.J. Goodson LB 6-1/250 Senior (RS) 3VL Lamar, SC
Joe Gore Photo 73 Joe Gore OT 6-5/294 Senior (RS) 3VL Lake Waccamaw, NC
T.J. Green Photo 15 T.J. Green S 6-3/203 Junior 2VL Sylacauga, AL
Noah Green Photo 71 Noah Green OL 6-5/285 Freshman HS Boiling Springs, SC
D.J. Greenlee Photo 87 D.J. Greenlee TE 6-1/245 Sophomore (RS) SQ Clemson, SC
Christian Groomes Photo 39 Christian Groomes P/PK 5-10/185 Freshman (RS) RS Central, SC
Jay Guillermo Photo 57 Jay Guillermo C 6-3/310 Junior (RS) 2VL Maryville, TN
Quintin Hall Photo 35 Quintin Hall LB 6-0/225 Junior (RS) SQ Piedmont, SC
Taylor Hearn Photo 51 Taylor Hearn OL 6-5/325 Freshman (RS) RS Williston, SC
Germone Hopper Photo 5 Germone Hopper WR 5-11/175 Junior (RS) 2VL Charlotte, NC
Greg Huegel Photo 92 Greg Huegel P/PK 5-11/195 Freshman (RS) RS Blythewood, SC
Albert Huggins Photo 67 Albert Huggins DT 6-3/305 Freshman HS Orangeburg, SC
Mitch Hyatt Photo 75 Mitch Hyatt OT 6-5/295 Freshman HS Sugar Hill, GA
Tucker Israel Photo 10 Tucker Israel QB 5-10/180 Freshman HS Orlando, FL
Jadar Johnson Photo 18 Jadar Johnson S 6-0/210 Junior 2VL Orangeburg, SC
Sterling Johnson Photo 93 Sterling Johnson DE 6-4/305 Freshman HS Clayton, NC
Denzel Johnson Photo 14 Denzel Johnson CB 6-0/195 Freshman HS Columbia, SC
Kendall Joseph Photo 34 Kendall Joseph LB 6-0/230 Freshman (RS) RS Belton, SC
Jayron Kearse Photo 1 Jayron Kearse S 6-4/224 Junior 2VL Fort Myers, FL
Ammon Lakip Photo 36 Ammon Lakip P/PK 5-11/200 Senior (RS) 2VL Alpharetta, GA
Shaq Lawson Photo 90 Shaq Lawson DE 6-3/272 Junior 2VL Central, SC
Jordan Leggett Photo 16 Jordan Leggett TE 6-5/260 Junior 2VL Navarre, FL
Eric Mac Lain Photo 78 Eric Mac Lain OG 6-4/315 Grad Student 3VL Hope Mills, NC
Sean Mac Lain Photo 88 Sean Mac Lain WR 6-4/200 Sophomore (RS) SQ Hope Mills, SC
Jarvis Magwood Photo 46 Jarvis Magwood LB 5-11/215 Freshman (RS) TR Greenville, SC
Collins Mauldin Photo 59 Collins Mauldin DE 6-1/230 Senior (RS) SQ Rock Hill, SC
Ray-Ray McCloud Photo 34 Ray-Ray McCloud WR 5-10/180 Freshman HS Tampa, FL
Jay Jay McCullough Photo 89 Jay Jay McCullough TE 6-3/249 Junior (RS) 2VL Fort Mill, SC
Maverick Morris Photo 69 Maverick Morris OL 6-5/305 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Broxton, GA
Tanner Muse Photo 19 Tanner Muse S 6-2/220 Freshman HS Belmont, NC
Ryan Norton Photo 58 Ryan Norton OL 6-3/284 Senior (RS) 3VL Simpsonville, SC
Dorian O'Daniel Photo 6 Dorian O'Daniel LB 6-1/215 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Olney, MD
Scott Pagano Photo 56 Scott Pagano DT 6-3/295 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Honolulu, HI
Charone Peake Photo 19 Charone Peake WR 6-3/215 Grad Student 3VL Moore, SC
Seth Penner Photo 70 Seth Penner OG 6-3/320 Freshman HS Naples, FL
Connor Prevost Photo 52 Connor Prevost 5-11/220 Freshman HS Raleigh, NC
D.J. Reader Photo 48 D.J. Reader DT 6-3/325 Senior 3VL Greensboro, NC
Chris Register Photo 45 Chris Register DE 6-3/245 Freshman (RS) RS Browns Summit, NC
Hunter Renfrow Photo 13 Hunter Renfrow WR 5-11/180 Freshman (RS) RS Myrtle Beach, SC
Milan Richard Photo 80 Milan Richard TE 6-3/260 Freshman (RS) RS Savannah, GA
Zach Riggs Photo 54 Zach Riggs C 6-5/270 Sophomore (RS) SQ Greer, SC
Jabril Robinson Photo 50 Jabril Robinson DL 6-2/265 Freshman (RS) RS Leland, NC
Dane Rogers Photo 85 Dane Rogers DE 6-3/269 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Shelby, NC
Seth Ryan Photo 85 Seth Ryan WR 6-0/175 Sophomore (RS) SQ Summit, NJ
Nick Schuessler Photo 12 Nick Schuessler QB 6-4/200 Junior (RS) 1VL Grayson, GA
Artavis Scott Photo 3 Artavis Scott WR 5-11/190 Sophomore 1VL Oldsmar, FL
Cameron Scott Photo 39 Cameron Scott CB 5-10/210 Freshman (RS) RS Florence, SC
Stanton Seckinger Photo 81 Stanton Seckinger TE 6-5/238 Grad Student 3VL Isle of Palms, SC
Cannon Smith Photo 84 Cannon Smith TE 6-5/265 Freshman (RS) RS Columbia, SC
Van Smith Photo 23 Van Smith S 5-11/195 Freshman HS Charlotte, NC
Chad Smith Photo 43 Chad Smith LB 6-4/235 Freshman HS Sterling, VA
Alex Spence Photo 47 Alex Spence P/PK 6-1/195 Freshman (RS) RS Florence, SC
Austin Spence Photo 52 Austin Spence LS 6-2/195 Freshman HS Florence, SC
Daniel Stone Photo 65 Daniel Stone OT 6-5/285 Junior (RS) SQ Simpsonville, SC
Cordrea Tankersley Photo 25 Cordrea Tankersley CB 6-1/200 Junior 2VL Beech Island, SC
Bradley Tatko Photo 59 Bradley Tatko LS 5-11/225 Sophomore (RS) SQ Greenwood, SC
Andy Teasdall Photo 32 Andy Teasdall P 5-11/190 Junior (RS) SQ Winston-Salem, NC
Ty Thomason Photo 35 Ty Thomason WR 5-11/220 Freshman HS Greenville, SC
Trevion Thompson Photo 1 Trevion Thompson WR 6-2/200 Freshman (RS) RS Durham, NC
Logan Tisch Photo 72 Logan Tisch OL 6-2/300 Freshman HS Chapel Hill, NC
Amir Trapp Photo 38 Amir Trapp CB 5-8/160 Freshman HS Clemson, SC
Harrison Tucker Photo 79 Harrison Tucker OL 6-4/325 Senior (RS) SQ Ninety Six, SC
Carlos Watkins Photo 94 Carlos Watkins DT 6-3/305 Junior (RS) 2VL Mooresboro, NC
Deshaun Watson Photo 4 Deshaun Watson QB 6-2/218 Sophomore 1VL Gainesville, GA
Korrin Wiggins Photo 15 Korrin Wiggins S 6-0/200 Junior 2VL Durham, NC
Christian Wilkins Photo 42 Christian Wilkins DT 6-4/310 Freshman HS Springfield, MA
Mike Williams Photo 7 Mike Williams WR 6-4/220 Junior 2VL Vance, SC
Jalen Williams Photo 30 Jalen Williams LB 5-10/215 Freshman HS Columbia, SC
Garrett Williams Photo 44 Garrett Williams TE 6-3/245 Freshman HS Orlando, FL
Richard Yeargin Photo 49 Richard Yeargin DE 6-5/260 Freshman (RS) RS Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Dabo Swinney - Head Coach
Jeff Scott - Co-Offensive Coordinator / WR
Brent Venables - Defensive Coordinator, LBs
Tony Elliott - Co-Offensive Coordinator / Running Backs
Dan Brooks - Associate Head Coach / Defensive Tackles
Robbie Caldwell - Assistant Coach / Offensive Line
Marion Hobby - Co-Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Ends
Mike Reed - Defensive Backs
Brandon Streeter - QB Coach
Danny Pearman - Assistant Head Coach / Special Teams / Tight Ends

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